Diets, pills, energy drinks. You’ve tried them all. You’ve read every diet book that’s ever been written. You’ve twisted and stretched to every exercise DVD that’s ever been made. But you’re still fat.

In fact, you probably weigh more today than you did when you first noticed–months, maybe years ago–that it might behoove you to drop a few pounds.

Has it ever occurred to you that something is missing, that some piece of the equation has been forgotten or misplaced or maybe even purposely hidden?

See that picture over there. That’s me, second from the right. And, yes, I’m a guest on Lifetime Channel’s “The Balancing Act.” The show was about breathing and how improper breathing is the culprit behind most weight problems. I know this from personal experience. When I finally learned to breathe–really breathe–weight became a non-issue in my life.

My name is Pam Grout and the last thing I ever thought I’d do is write a book about losing weight. Heaven knows there are enough books, enough theories, enough diets that if you really wanted, you could try a different one every day (probably every hour) of your life.

But then I accidentally tripped over this rather amazing discovery and, suddenly, I had no choice. I discovered a really cheap, really convenient and really effective way to lose weight. And it’s my mission to get the word out.

Breathing is the key to weight loss

It’s remarkable that people pay Gestapo-like attention to how much food they eat, counting fat grams with religious fervor, tallying calories with frenetic abandon. Yet they totally overlook the one thing that fuels cells and provides the body’s energy–oxygen.

Breathing is the crucial component of any weight loss program. And the only reason you don’t know about it is because nobody stands to gain by marketing it.

Lawrence Lamb, M.D., former medical consultant to the President’s Council of Physical Fitness, say it’s odd that people spend so much time monitoring what they take in and then completely ignore how it comes out. They don’t even consider that the problem may be how efficiently the body actually works.

Improper breathing slows metabolism

Look at it like this: If your car’s not running right, you don’t keep trying different types of gasoline or different bands of motor oil. You take it to the mechanic and tune it up. You work on the heart of the problem: the system that burns the gasoline and the oil.

Oxygen is the fuel that burns fat.  It chemically changes the food you eat into energy.

In fact, one of the main reasons exercise burns fat is because it increases the rate at which oxygen is delivered to your cells. When you run, for example, you increase your oxygen intake from seven or eight liters per minute to 34 or more liters per minute. Your body then gets the oxygen it needs to burn through all that hydrogen, or fat.

Unfortunately, most people suffer from what doctors call “futile breathing,” meaning they get one-quarter to one-third of the amount of oxygen the lungs were designed to hold. Think how your body would work if you got one-third of the sleep you need or one-third of the food.

That’s a major deficit for cells that are working desperately to process food, release toxins and provide energy for all your body’s needs. When you don’t get enough oxygen, you literally strangle your cells. As hard as they might try, they can’t process food properly. They get bogged down, filled with sludge and, consequently, you run out of energy.

Your body works at one third of its potential when you don’t get enough oxygen. Its energy slows down which leaves no choice but for you to gain weight.

Nine out of ten people don’t breathe properly

The other startling fact is that 90 percent of the population practice futile breathing in one form or another. An average pair of lungs can hold almost two gallons of air. Most people settle for a measly two or three pints. It’s no wonder we have an obesity problem in this culture.

If you’re serious about changing your weight, it is imperative you find a way to change your body’s chemistry. Exercise will do it. There are probably hormones and chemicals that will do it, but the easiest, most inexpensive way to alter your body’s chemistry is to fill it with oxygen.

Want to find out if you’re one of the ninety percent who could benefit from taking in more oxygen? Try this little test.

Quick test

Put one hand on your belly, the other hand on your chest. Take a normal breath. Did the hand on your belly or your chest go up?

If it’s the hand on your chest, that means you’re not breathing properly. You’re not taking advantage of your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities.

By learning a few simple breathing exercises, you can significantly improve how well your body works. You can throw all those diet books, pills, energy drinks and unused exercise tapes into the trash.

My story

For me it started when someone gave me a series of motivational tapes by Anthony Robbins, the self-help guru whose late-night infomercials are enough to inspire a sea slug. I’d love to tell you I sat down immediately, listened to each and every tape and suddenly became a genius, but the truth is I didn’t get around to listening to most of them until a few years later.

While driving home to my mother’s house for the mandatory Thanksgiving turkey, I happened to plug in the tape that talks about energy: how to get it, how to keep it. Since this was a subject I was miserably lacking in, I decided to pay attention.

At the time, I had about as much energy as a dead goldfish. I’m a single mom of a then-one-year-old. Need I say more? Between diapers, fevers, and rent payment that seemed to be due every five minutes, energy was not a word in my vocabulary. It was obviously Tony Robbins’ favorite word.

Even his voice was infectious. I almost felt like stopping the car and doing a polka. He talked about energy and how the best way to get it was to breathe. Since I was presumably already breathing, I didn’t think it’d be too much trouble to breathe a little more.

So I did.

Now you’ve got to understand something about me. This cassette was the seventeenth in the series and so far I hadn’t followed through on any of them.

But breathing was so simple, so undemanding.

Maybe I’d even follow through on his suggested 21-day breathing program.

Breathing was so easy

If he’d asked me to swear off chocolate or run up ten flights of stairs, that would have been a different story. But all he wanted in return for all this boundless energy was ten deep breaths three times a day. I could fit than in between meals.

Besides, what did I have to lose? I didn’t have to buy anything or go anywhere or even stick with it longer than the average lunar cycle.

Well, to make a long story short, I followed through with the breathing—all 21 days. And guess what?

Tony was right. I felt as if somebody finally flipped the switch. I actually had energy for the first time since my daughter, Tasman, was born. She had to be wondering what in the heck was going on. Her draggy mommy had suddenly turned into Jim Carrey. Once, I’m pretty sure I even saw her wanting to stick her finger down her throat, roll her eyes and say, “Chill, Mom.” Luckily, this was before she could speak.

The other miraculous thing that happened in those twenty-one days is I dropped ten pounds.

Weight loss miracle

Like I said, losing weight was the furthest thing from my mind. Sure, I had amassed an extra ten to fifteen pounds in the process of having a baby, but after you’ve been in labor for seven hours, nothing seems too ugly or unacceptable ever again. My body seemed pretty insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

I figured I’d lose the weight later–like maybe when Tasman graduated from high school. And then suddenly, like magic, my extra weight was gone.

At first I thought I was being rewarded for finally sticking with something.

But then I remembered Louisa. We’d met three years before at a leadership training in Connecticut. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the training focused on breathing, specifically a breathing process called rebirthing.

It’s a powerful breathing exercise you do for about an hour once a week or so. It works on a lot of emotional issues that are lodged somewhere in your body, keeping you from experiencing joy, happiness and that movie deal with TriStar.

Louisa, who came to Connecticut from some college town in Wisconsin, was one of those people I’m sure you know. She was drop-dead gorgeous except for one small detail. Or rather large detail. She was forty pounds overweight. You know the type I’m talking about, the kind of person everybody delights in whispering about behind her back. “Man, wouldn’t she be a knockout if she’d just lose that….[under the breath, as if it’s a dirty word] weight?”

To make a long story short, in the course of the six-month training, Louisa did lose that weight. And the most remarkable thing was she wasn’t trying to lose it. She’d more or less come to terms with being what the Surgeon General calls “obese.” After 30 years of being first a hefty child, then a plump teenager, and finally an overweight adult, she had accepted her life’s fate. Oh sure, she went through a stage—if you can call 20 years a stage—where she tried all the fad diets, all the exercise gizmos, all the get-togethers of overeaters, scale watchers, etc. But by the time I met her, she had thrown her hands in the air and said, “I give up.”

Then a funny thing happened

The weight that Louisa had assumed was her fate literally dropped off when she began breathing a lot.

And, no, she didn’t start some new exercise routine—except a few walks through the beautiful woods around Bantam Lake where she was renting a cabin. She didn’t alter her eating habits. In fact, the only variable that really changed was that Louisa started breathing in more oxygen and breathing out more carbon dioxide.

At the time, everybody proclaimed it a miracle. Maybe it was the change in scenery. Maybe it was the fact she’d left her stressful job as a pharmacist. Maybe it was…I mean who was going to believe that something as simple as breathing could help a person with a perpetual weight problem drop the pounds that every other scheme had failed to do?

I began putting two and two together. Could it be that all the extra oxygen burns up fat?

Then I met Bobbi! I casually mentioned this crazy weight loss theory connecting breathing to a drop in poundage. She stared at me for a couple seconds and said, “So that’s what happened.”

About 20 years ago, Bobbi had run across a self-help book that promised a better life in ninety days. It included a lot of exercises involving goal setting, affirmation writing and visualization. But is also included what Bobbi described as “this very relaxing breathing exercise,” which she faithfully did every night.

In 90 days, Bobbi had met all her goals. But something else interesting happened, as well. Bobby dropped 20 pounds.

“To this day, I always wondered what had happened with my weight,” she said

The mysterious cure

Then I interviewed Gay Hendricks, a renowned therapist who uses breathing as a transformational tool

We were talking about the physical benefits of breathing and I asked him, “Have you ever known anyone to lose weight—you know, kind of on the side?”

“Hundreds and hundreds of people,” he said nonchalantly.

That did it. I decided to launch a serious investigation.

That was 15 years ago. I ended up writing a book called Jumpstart Your Metabolism that explained what I found out. It made a splash. I landed on the Gayle King show, Howard Stern and sold 65,000 copies or so.

Taz got a little older. I wrote 14 other books. I began focusing on travel writing and reporting for People magazine.

The Breather’s Edge

A few years ago, after I put up a website, I started getting emails from people who had read Jumpstart Your Metabolism. Many sent thank you’s. Others wanted to have flowers or their first born child delivered to my home. A few begged for more help. They had questions. They wanted to know:

How come I feel dizzy?

Is this wheezing normal?

What else can I do?

Usually, I’d write back and say, “Trust the breath. It’s ‘the man,’ the guru, the final answer.”

And while I still believe that, I decided it might also be useful to launch an in-depth program for people who wanted more instruction, for people who are committed to getting off the diet hamster wheel for good.

Thus, the Breather’s Edge was born. It’s a yearlong internet program where people work with me, now a certified breathing coach, for an entire 12 months.

I designed this game-changing program for people who are sick and tired of the roller coaster ride of diets and other weight loss strategies that don’t work. This powerful program is for folks who are ready for real change, for those ready to permanently alter how their body processes and digests food.

Is the Breather’s Edge right for you?

Could you use more energy, more daily pizzazz?

Would you like to permanently give up worries about your weight?

How do the words “free” and “always available” sound?

The techniques you’ll learn in this program will have more impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being than any other product, system or technique you’ve ever tried.

And I know that’s a big claim!!

But breathing is really the Holy Grail when it comes to life improvement!!

Learning to breathe properly (remember 90 percent of all Westerners don’t) will have such a profound effect on your life that you’ll be asking “Where have you been all my life?”

Your endurance will skyrocket, your stress level will plummet and your ability to focus on important things will explode. Oh, and that’s in addition to losing weight.

Think of the benefits…

Breathing is incredibly simple. It’s completely free. It requires no props or accoutrements. It doesn’t disturb or distract anyone. You can do it while doing other things. You don’t need any special abilities to do it. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREEEEE!!!

Oh, there’s one last thing. I thought you might want to know a little about me:

1. Since I made this amazing discovery, pioneering the link between breathing and weight, I have taught tens of thousands of people how to improve their body, their mind, their spirit and their overall health.

2. I’m a prolific author. I’ve gone on to write 15 books. Hey, you have to do something with all the extra energy that breathing gives you.

And I am completely committed to getting the word out about the important benefits of deep belly breathing. I want to share this amazing resource that we all have, but very few utilize.

Don’t take my word for it:

From Los Angeles, CA:

“I just bought this program a couple of weeks ago. It was a strange concept: “re-learning” how to breathe. I followed the exercises (or “cocktails” as Ms. Grout calls them) and I have lost weight and inches and my energy has really picked up! Ms. Grout is very upbeat and familiar. It’s like she is a family member or a best friend. I think it is a little gold mine. Losing a dress size or more without sweating? Without sore muscles? It’s true!

Give Yourself the Breath of Life and Energy
St. Louis, MO
… this little gem opened my eyes (and my lungs) to a new way of using oxygen. Pam has a light, witty writing style that had me laughing while learning how to use basic breathing exercises to feel better and clean out my system. Highly recommended!

I am amazed
Indianapolis, IN
“…at how many ways breathing deeply can assist us in enhancing our health, i.e. boosting your metabolism, increasing your endorphins, aiding in digestion, etc. I highly recommend this.

Very sound explanations and up-beat message!
I bought this program on a whim, and have really loved it! I was already working on exercising and eating nutritiously when I purchased it, and have found that my energy and exercise endurance have skyrocketed since I started her “cocktails.” Finishing a set of 1-4-2 breaths reminds me of how I used to feel after a yoga class – relaxed, but energized.

It works!

S. Moore (Alabama)

“When I bought this program, I was very skeptical. I have tried everything under the sun to increase my metabolism, to lose weight; to improve my breathing when I exercise. I could not walk past 20 minutes without being out of breath. After I started the program, trying the techniques every day, in just one week, I could walk for 2 HOURS AND I WAS NOT OUT OF BREATH! Now I can jog for 30 to 45 minutes, thanks to these breathing techniques, and I am 45 YEARS OLD! If I can do it, anyone can! I used to try aerobic exercises; I was out of breath every time. Not anymore! Now I don’t mind JOGGING on my treadmill or walking/jogging outside because not I’m no longer out of breath! I’m IN BETTER SHAPE NOW AT 43 YRS. OLD THAN I WAS AT 20 YRS OLD.”

Important life-changing tools

Everyone who subscribes to the Breather’s Edge will receive a monthly eBook with tips, inspiration and answers to the most pressing breathing questions. For twelve straight months, a 15- to 20-page eBook will be mailed to your inbox. Many of these books contain powerful videos that demonstrate how the breathing exercises (I call them energy cocktails) work.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Breather’s Edge coaching program:

1) Brand new energy cocktails
2) Videos (they’re embedded into the books) that demonstrate how energy cocktails work
3) Reports on the latest breathing studies
4) Cheerleading to encourage you to stick with it, to prod you to remember to breathe deeply.
5) Answers to all your breathing questions
6) In-your-face reminders of why you should take a deep breath right this very minute.

Learning to breathe right is a cinch once you get the hang of it.

And here’s my guarantee. If you stick with the energy cocktails program provided in this program, you will never need another diet pill, another ridiculous product from a late-night infomercial. You’ll feel so good that you’ll never go back to wimpy breathing ever again.

Remember with this program you get 12 complete eBooks, resources that are available nowhere else.

So 12 books, one a month, for a mere $39. That’s only $3.25 per book, less than you’d pay for a six-pack of Diet Coke.

If you’re interested in changing your life for good, just click on this button: